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Build guide: Passive mult.

What does a passive mult. do?

Passive mults are the most rudimentary way of combining or splitting signals.

As passive mults aren’t powered, there’s no directionality between signals. Using a 4 way mult as an example: if a signal is input into jack 1, and another into jack 2, a combination of the 2 can be output via jacks 3 and 4. Alternatively, if a signal is input into jack 1 only that signal will be repeated out of jacks 2 to 4.


Passive mult. V1.0 schematics

Bill of materials

8x Thonkiconn 3.5mm mono jacks

How to build

IMG 20230506 003633

Prepare the PCB, front panel, and 8x Thonkiconn jacks with their nuts.

IMG 20230506 003715

Locate the 8x Thonkiconn jacks on the footprints shown on the PCB. The 3rd leg of each jack shares a hole with its neighbour.

IMG 20230506 003822

Place the front panel onto the jacks, and carefully, but firmly, tighten all nuts to secure then in place.

IMG 20230506 003550

Gently turn over the whole module, and solder all the legs in place.

That’s it, find a cosy spot in your rack for your new module, secure it in, and enjoy.


No calibration required!